About us

Since 1987, we have been working as consultants and trainers for our clients from various industries and sectors in the field of organizational development. The commonality of our customers is described in their attitude:

They invest in their future viability and want to enhance their business and management culture.

Our understanding of work

Our work is characterized by a systemic approach based on the appreciation and respect for others and their personal resources. We focus on modern management methodology, a value-oriented corporate culture and management qualification in the context of the respective corporate objectives.

Learning takes place in all dimensions of human existence. Therefore, we address in our work the body, mind and soul. Among other things, our methodological background is the systemic transaction analysis, methods of the hypnosystemic approach and the theory U of CO Scharmer.

We work with the latest insights in neurobiological research and connect body intelligence (Embodiment) with centering practice and internal work attitude (ZRM®).

We keep ourselves up-to-date. Continuous training, dedicated work in various professional workshops and collegial exchange/­intervision are vital elements of our professional identity.

We work in German and English.