Coaching and Personal Mastery

Quality time for leadership and development issues

As professional business coaches we support managers in taking new perspectives, in defining personal goals and becoming aware of their strengths and potential. We assist people in initializing change concretely and quickly within their area of responsibility and in developing new perspectives.

Our understanding of coaching is based on appreciation and reliance on existing skills and resources.
We orient our work around strengths and use our systemic perspective to explore new possibilities together with the client.

The path to personal mastery

Personal Mastery (P. Senge) is aimed at people who are aware of the special importance of their own personality as for their professional success. It is the readiness to consistently develop the qualities of inner guidance and to address the essential and thus to make your “best” available.

With this in mind, we work with many clients in long-term and trusted relationships and therein act as a professional dialogue and sparring partner.

“We support people in initiating change and developing new perspectives.”