Working with Horses

The powerful effect of the inner attitude

The work with horses allows you to experience your individual strengths and further develop your emotional and social competencies.

Horses provide an ideal mirror for inner clarity, consciousness of goals and effectiveness. As herd animals with a clear structure, they are extraordinarily useful as feedback providers for our leadership behavior, they give insight into often unconscious processes of leadership and knowledge about your own relationship and management structures. Horses are not “symbols of employees”. They solely mirror ourselves, our inner attitude and orientation.

The intense confrontation with yourself expands your individual field of force, both for you personally as well as for the team. As experienced coaches and trainers, we support you professionally along this path and complement experiential learning according to different objectives with theoretical input and exercises in the seminar room.

Experience with horses is not required for the participants. We work with the horses “on the ground”, which means that there is no riding but rather we come into contact and communicate directly with the horses during different tasks and exercises.

Work with horses makes special demands on the training location. In addition to the accommodation of the participants and the seminar room, we need a riding stable nearby for horse units. We work at many different locations in Germany and Austria and will gladly recommend good venues in your vicinity.

“An inspiring learning environment for executive teams and individuals who wish to fulfil their duties with pleasure and vigour.”

We work with selected animals that live in herds, thus experiencing ample social contact with their fellow creatures. Horses for this type of work are especially selected and prepared by us in order to minimise risk of accidents. We ensure that individual participants and horses are appropriately matched.