Change Competence

Shaping constant change as a leader

Changing mindset and attitudes is by far the greatest hurdle posed by change projects. Therefore, the intensive support and assistance for senior management is one of the relevant success factors of any change process.

It is crucial to raise the following questions within the company:

  • How credible and authentic, how able are your managers to function effectively during the change process?

  • How well are they able to deal with their own uncertainty and the uncertainty of their employees?

  • How do they communicate to build trust and mobilize energy instead of demotivating?

  • How do they connect the overall entrepreneurial perspective and the individual interests of their employees credibly?

Our change management support works intensively with the theory of U Claus O. Scharmer and focuses on the development of 7 essential competences:

  1. Mindfulness: Accepting Ignorance, asking questions and raising to question
  2. Openness: Pushing to limits, observing and non-judgmental listening
  3. Path-Independence: Thinking in alternatives, taking branch-offs, experimenting and stepping back
  4. Combinatory Intelligence: Considering all approaches, combining creatively, inviting the new
  5. Shaping Capability: Making the new compatible, creating prototypes and an “experimental garden”
  6. Cooperation Capacity: Organizing new modes of interaction, bringing trust, respect and diversity to life
  7. Patience and Perseverance: Perseverance instead of doggedness, ability to learn from experiences of failure

“Changing mindsets and attitudes is by far the biggest hurdle of change projects.”