Team Performance

Introducing diversity – using variety of strengths

The benefits of teamwork are undeniable as no other structure is capable of working on the complexity in organizations adequately. Successful teams need a common vision, interdependence in the achievement of goals and an open authentic feedback culture. The development of such teams, however, repeatedly calls for commitment of time and resources to maintain the ability to cooperate at a high level.

Topics to be addressed and clarified include, for instance:

  • Definition of status quo, goals and visions

  • Development of sustainable strategies

  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities

  • Communication and cooperation culture

  • Conflicts and points of friction

  • Feedback and learning culture

Our experience shows that if these core issues are successfully processed and implemented, existing points of friction are significantly minimized and the performance and motivation in the team increases noticeably. For real team performance constant awareness of these issues is required, so that obsolete behavioral patterns do not re-emerge. We understand team development as a long-term process, which is actively shaped by all those involved and we support our customers with years of experience and systemic process expertise.

“Successful teams need a common understanding of targets and an openly embodied culture of feedback.”