Organisational and Cultural Development

To enable organizations to operate successfully in the future, attractive goals and clear processes are needed as well as room for encounter and opportunity for a lively variety and true common ground.

Sustainable Leadership

We know that leadership must respond to new challenges. A “more” in complexity, speed and pressure, especially on new forms of collaboration, put many classical notions of hierarchy in question.

Change Competence

“Nothing is more constant than change …” and any change in the company continuously poses new challenges and questions to its executives. Personal change competence is a critical success factor for the sustainable implementation of necessary changes in the company.

Team Performance

We support you and your team on the path of change and reorientation and facilitate the implementation of agreed team development. The focus is always on the specific interaction within the team.

Coaching and Personal Mastery

Coaching is individual counselling with the goal of enhancing personal leadership competence and role competence. The focus is on the professional role and resulting issues. It is an effective instrument of targeted personnel development and support for executives.

Working with Horses

Since 1997 we have repeatedly involved horses as training partners in various contexts. We are not aiming at the extra element, the “novelty”, or special effects but rather the possibility of experiencing and reflecting fundamental principles and trying out new ideas immediately.