Beate Schwarz


b. 1960

Managing Director

“The determination to go is paving the way.”

Education and Qualification:

  • Social Education, M.A., focus on Organi­zational and Personnel Develop­ment
  • Independent trainer and CEO of Schwarz & Partner since 1998
  • Further Development in Sys­temic Coun­selling in Orga­ni­zational and Per­sonnel De­velop­ment
  • (Institute for Systemic Coun­selling, Wies­loch)
  • Systemic Transaction Analysis (A. Glöck­ner)
  • Dialogue Facilitator (Hart­kemeyer, Free­man, Osna­brück)
  • Bioenergetics (W.Pechtl)
  • Organizational Constellations (istob)
  • Group Dynamics and Con­flict Manage­ment (Moderatio)
  • Conflict and Crisis Inter­vention
  • Further Training Coaching (Pro­fessio)
  • Non-violent Communication by M. Rosen­berg
  • Theory U / Social Pre­sen­cing Theater
  • Solution focused Consul­tancy (Gun­ther Schmidt)
  • Coaching with ZRM (Maja Storch, Zürich)
  • Visioning (Scola, Heidel­berg)
  • Professional Natural Horsemanship Training (R. Mantler, Steyr)

Consultation and Training experience:

  • Support and Counselling in Organi­zation De­velop­ment Measures
  • All relevant topics in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Conflict Management
  • Design and implementation of Team Developments
  • Support of Change Management projects
  • Introduction and support of Action Learning Groups
  • Training and coaching of executives
  • Horse-assisted Team and Leadership Development